Ubisoft kept this less than wraps, and now it is out there … Rainbow Six Siege is on it’s way for Laptop, PS4 and Xbox Just one. From the surprise reveal video clip, there are some intriguing gameplay scenarios. To start with of all, wall and ground breaching, as wellContinue Reading

Ubisoft has declared that Rainbow Six: Siege will be coming to Computer system, PlayStation four, and Xbox Just one on Oct 13th. Siege will be launching in the exact month as Ubisoft’s hottest Assassin’s Creed called Syndicate, but the business has announced that The Division will not be coming outContinue Reading

Ubisoft Releases Rainbow Six: Siege Accolades Trailer Ubisoft has produced an accolades trailer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege for this year’s E3. Right after cancelling Rainbow 6: Patriots, Ubisoft unveiled Rainbow Six: Siege at E3 last thirty day period, and in celebration of the game’s acclaim has unveiled aContinue Reading