Rainbow Six caster AceOfPyrite reveals he endured a stroke right after Berlin key

Caster Tim ‘AceOfPyrite’ Leaver has disclosed that he experienced a stroke shortly right after the end result of the Six Main Berlin.

AceOfPyrite explained on Twitter that he’d seasoned a loss of eyesight in his still left eye on August 26, which was later diagnosed as a stroke.

The caster explained that he experienced a unexpected “blind spot” that formulated on the left aspect of his eyesight, which was accompanied by an “aura” that further distorted his vision. However, he stated that he had experienced equivalent signs or symptoms before, and as a result left the non permanent blindness to “resolve itself”.

Having said that, soon after the blindness ongoing to persist, he sought health-related notice. Right after several MRI and CCT scans, he was informed that he experienced experienced a stroke. His sight has not still returned, but he discussed that he had not suffered any even more facet outcomes from the stroke and was “remaining optimistic for at the very least a partial recovery”.

Long run options inside Siege

As the stroke has afflicted his sight, AceOfPyrite has mentioned that he’s presently not sure of his long run in the casting place – but that he stays hopeful that he’ll be equipped to return.

“I am hopeful that this will not impression my capability to cast Siege,” he discussed, “as I am already discovering to function around the constraints.”

His submit was met with an outpouring of help from casters and group customers alike. Pyrite has been a prominent caster in the R6 scene considering the fact that 2018, and has cast many majors and regional leagues for Europe, APAC, and Latin America.

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